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“Kyla I find you one very amazing lady. The kindness that you showed me at my first ever reading put me at easy and allowed me to listen and take in the things you were sharing.Hair raising experience for me. Looking forward to the next opportunity to let you guide my light. Thank you !”

“Today was honestly the most incredible experience of my life. I have been to numerous psychic clairvoyants and mediums in my time yet I have never had such an amazing insight to my life- past present and future... The accuracy was impeccable and everything I wanted answered was shown to me before I could even ask. I am still speechless (and that’s rare!) at how DETAILED Kyla was. If you have a bucket list? Visiting Kyla should be #1. Highly recommend!! NO ONE is better. Trust me, I’ve seen them all!
Thank you so much Kyla for all that you did today. Your guided perfection could not have come at a better time for me. Much love! ❤️❤️“


“Kyla is the very first psychic I went to and I honestly dont know where I would be without her ❤ My readings are so accurate and sooo much detail xx I have also had reiki with Kyla and so much healing received. Kyla shares her love and support and many times she has been there for me ❤ A friend and earth angel that I appreciate more than words can say ❤ Sometimes there are no words for how much someone means to you and has helped you and this is one of those times so just a HUGE thankyou Kyla for all that you do and all that you are Thankyou for just being you xxxx”


“Kyla is the only psychic I see, have seen a few others but they were not a patch on her. Her readings have been accurate and have got me through some very sad personal times. Thanks so much for what you have done for me.. and yes it’s time for another one... book me in ”


“I had two long sessions with kyla and it was amazing everything she told me has come true. She even knew my passed love ones names. She is amazing can't wait to see her again for new insights.”


“I made a comment once on one of your memes and you came back to me with incredibly specific information that really caught me off guard. Up until that point I didn't know you were a psychic lol, I thought I was on a joke meme page. I had joined because I really enjoyed the memes. I had a good look at your page/profile then and though "I am an idiot, I must have been the only person on that particular post that didn't know you are a psychic" and an excellent one at that”


I found Kyla when on my path to source Holistic and Spiritual Healing for my 2 beloved dogs, Tessa & Roxy 6 years ago. 
I have seen Kyla many times for various services that she offers throughout this time.
Including Animal healing/Communication and Reiki. 
The use of Crystals/Essential oils and Cord Cutting. 
Psychic readings past, present, future and Spirit Communication.
The spiritual gifts Kyla holds and proves each and every meet is the reason I continue to see Kyla when the timing is just right. 
Kyla’s accuracy has been jaw dropping and enough to skip a beat.
The compassion, understanding, humour & sensitivity Kyla expresses is a blessing and reassurance when in her presence. 
I will continue to see Kyla and utilise her services as I walk my path.
Thankyou for shining love & light & being the bridge between heaven and earth. 


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